Let The Hoist Do The Work

    The Attic Hoist takes all of the hard work out of moving items up to, & down from, your attic. Attic Hoist in Fort Walton Beach Attic Hoist in Miramar Beach Attic Hoist in Destin

    No More Dangerous Lifting

    No longer will you have the weight of old keepsakes and holiday decorations on your shoulders.

    Custom Built To Order

    Every home is different.

    So is every attic.

    Let us customize an Attic Hoist solution for your home today.

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    Please fill out & submit the Installation Agreement. A Member of The Attic Hoist Team will contact you shortly.

    The Attic Hoist

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    Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

    Saturday: By appointment

    Sunday: Closed


    Download, read, and complete the Installation Agreement attached below. Once completed, please email the signed agreement to theattichoist@yahoo.com

    Installation Agreement (pdf)